I used to think I had a case of professional Attention Deficit Disorder. Why?  Because I have never been a person who chose one single professional path or even just one field of endeavor. Instead, I’ve had overlapping occupations in a wide array of fields. I like staying engaged, responding to unexpected opportunities, and doing lots of things at one time. Fortunately, each of my professional endeavors has been a learning experience and I’ve had fabulous opportunities with employers and clients, often over decades of time.  I am a teacher, an organizational consultant, a corporate trainer, a licensed psychotherapist, a writing and speaking coach, and through it all, a writer.

I know, it sounds like a lot. But like lots of people who strive to not only pay the bills, but to do so in creative and meaningful ways—all while balancing the needs of family—the path is not always a straight line or a tidy resume with a nice, linear timeline.  Not for me, anyway.

These days I’m focused on writing and coaching.  My debut novel is Fire & Water, published in 2013 by She Writes Press. Fire & Water was honored with the silver medal in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards and has received Honorable Mentions in the Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco Book Festivals.

Betsy's PR Shot,_edited-1I’ve been fortunate that my fiction and memoir pieces of Betsy’s have been included anthologies Blended: Writers on the Stepfamily Experience out in April 2015 and Shades of Blue, launching in fall 2015. I was a contributor to Power of Memoir by Linda Joy Myers, published by Jossey-Bass in 2010.

Memoir and fiction I’ve written has been honored with The Floyd Salas Award for Fiction, The Jack London Award, and two East of Eden awards for short memoir. Four of her stories were produced as Reader’s Theater, directed by Tim O’Connor at the historic Miners’ Foundry Theater in Nevada City, California.

I count myself rich with writerly love in my life, most especially from my writing critique group.  We call ourselves Bella Quattro (Beautiful Four) and have been together for more than a dozen years. I’m convinced I’d have written almost nothing without their support.

I live with my husband in our recently emptied nest in the hills of Marin County, California near beloved family and dear friends. The time once spent monitoring homework and restocking the ever-empty milk and cereal supply is now available for writing studio time. Our salt-and-pepper doodle, Edgar Allan Paw (but he’s not fancy, he just goes by Edgar), is my best writing companion between doggie snacks.

Works in Progress

I’m currently writing a collection of linked memoir stories called Filling Her Shoes, Falling in Love with My Inherited Family and a non-fiction help book for writers, Public Speaking for Writers and Other Introverts. A new novel, set in Wine Country is also in the works.

I told you I like to do lots of things at once!