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Filling Her Shoes

It’s here!  Betsy’s new memoir on love, loss and blended families has been released by She Writes Press. Available now through Book Passage (my favorite local indie bookstore), on Amazon or at Barnes & Noble.

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Fire & Water

Fire & Water

Betsy’s debut novel was published in 2013 by She Writes Press. Available in paperback, e-book, and now as an audiobook! With over 220 Amazon reviews, with a 4.50+ star overall rating.

This author doesn’t flinch. She writes down to the bone, deep into the heart, where blood, tears, and humor pool.” —Elizabeth Appell, Screenwriter and author of Lessons from the Gypsy Camp.

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Betsy’s memoir story, “Who Will This Be to Me?,” is included in the anthology, Blended: Writers on the Stepfamily Experience, published by Seal Press. April 2015.

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Power of Memoir

Betsy offers information to memoirists as well as an example of real life as fiction included in Power of Memoir by Linda Joy Myers.

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Shades of Blue

A deeply personal memoir piece of Betsy’s was included in the anthology, Shades of Blue, published by Seal Press, Fall 2015. This highly acclaimed collection was assembled solely for the purpose of providing inspiration and hope to those struggling with mental illness, deep grief, or suicidal thoughts. The storywriters in this anthology bear their souls in the hopes that they can give comfort, and perhaps, save a life.

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Short Works

A few of Betsy’s short works, not elsewhere published

Short Stories