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“The easiest thing to do on earth is not write.”
William Goldman


Whether writing fiction or memoir, writers must overcome two major obstacles to get their stories out of their heads and onto the page.  Whether it’s procrastination, lack of time, self-doubt, or just not knowing where to start, lots of writers struggle to get their stories written. In both classes and with individuals (in person and by phone) I love working with writers, providing structure, coaching, and accountability to help them get those little black squiggles onto the page.

As a writer myself, and as a psychotherapist for more than 25 years, I love providing support to writers. Whether working with a memoirist facing a troubling memory or a fiction writer experiencing the loud voice of the “inner critic”, I offer structure and  support to writers in overcoming the obstacles of fear and doubt as they write.

Every writer’s circumstance is different. I offer a customized approach to work each writer, whether she’s just started her project or she’s gotten stuck somewhere in the boggy middle. Working within their availability of time and budget, I consult with writers to design an approach that works for them.


“I found Betsy Fasbinder’s classes on writing while I was ill and depressed. Best thing I ever did was sign up. Not just because the writing itself helped me navigate that dreadful journey, but because of Betsy’s ideas, critiques, praise and genuine interest in her students. She encourages writers to write their own way, while carefully guiding them on the path that leads to good, solid story telling. She helped me dig deep to find the heart and soul of a story. And she is one of the most caring people I have ever met.”
—Myrna Courtney, Memoirist

“I went into mourning when my writing teacher Betsy moved from the area where I live. Thanks to her insightful coaching, I was able to make huge progress on the memoir I’d been poking around with a stick for years. Betsy’s advice is aways appropriate, positive, and spot-on. Her ability to inspire writers with creative, unrestrictive prompts, and with positive feedback is empowering. Her wonderful metaphors, personal insights, and humor enrich each session. As a bonus, Betsy filled me with enough confidence about my story and my ability to tell it that I can now read my stories aloud publicly with joy and confidence.”
—Joan Keyes, Memoirist and Publisher at Dovetail Publishing Services

Betsy’s encouragement during my class with her was awesome. She gave great feedback which always resulted in deeper introspection of my writing.  Her critique never felt criticizing. It was simply information to move my piece forward. I miss her and her classes very much!
—Laura MacDonald, Memoirist

Betsy’s warmth, humor, insight into people and writing expertise make her a pleasure to learn from. Her gentle but direct approach gave me the clarity I needed to improve and keep working. I highly recommend her!
—Janet Johnston, Novelist/Memoirist

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