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I am one of the unlikeliest public speakers, much less a teacher of public speaking that you can imagine.  Why?  Because I grew up as a shy kid and was, until my mid thirties, terrified about public speaking. In fact, I used to get physically ill every time I had to talk in front of a group. (Though I’ve been told that no one but me knew that I was nervous.)

But I always knew I wanted to publish books someday, and I knew down deep that this meant that I’d have to get comfortable talking in front of people.  That, or be miserable.  Every. Single Time. No, this was not okay with me.

Writers need to talk about their writing if they want their books to be successful.  We need to talk to agents, editors, and other publishing professionals just to get their work into print.  There are book launches, reading events, writers’ conferences, workshops, social events, and if you’re lucky, media interviews.  All of this can be pretty daunting to those of us who are more comfortable when we’re with just one or two other people or when we are scratching words onto paper than we are addressing a group of onlookers.

It was not until I got some great coaching and took some classes that I learned that skilled public speaking is just that, skills.  Not magic.  Not a gift that other people got and I didn’t.  It was a set of learnable, fairly simple skills.  Once I got this, a whole new world opened up.

Since about 1998 I’ve offered training and coaching for people who want to learn or polish their public speaking skills. I’ve taught public speaking in organizations and with individual clients in Fortune 500 companies throughout the U.S., internationally. Now I work with writers and published authors (as well as other artists and entrepreneurs) helping them to develop the skills and the comfort levels that they need to talk about their work in front of groups of any size.

I offer workshops to writers, artists, and entrepreneurs to help them:

  • Overcome their fears of public speaking
  • Learn how to run a dynamic book launch or reading event
  • Discuss their writing project with publishing professionals (agents, editors, publishers)
  • Use storytelling structure to deliver content in a cogent and engaging way
  • Engage listeners and create memorable events
  • Stretch into teaching or conference speaking as a part of author/artist platform building
  • Speak comfortably in virtual environments like video or audio conference calls
  • Get comfortable bringing their “real selves” off of the page and up at the podium.

Working with the hesitant and those downright terrified of public speaking, I love helping people by teaching simple skills and mental shifts that help them feel more at ease. I helps clients to eliminate distracting behaviors that get in the way of real connections with their listeners.

Hear Me Speak!

Take a moment to read the background on my story “In Search of the Silver Cup” and listen to a clip of me reading my story.  This reading took place at the This is My Brave event held in Los Angeles in the fall of 2015.  The story appears in the anthology, Shades of Blue.


Betsy Fasbinder is a present, committed, and patient speaking coach who knows how to translate what it takes to deliver a powerful message to a big audience. Her support and guidance was invaluable in preparation for my TEDx talk, and my presentation benefited tremendously from her direction and expertise.Brooke Warner, TEDx speaker and publisher of She Writes Press
Being coached by Betsy Graziani Fasbinder transformed me from being terrified and dependent on a Power Point that limited my presentation to being confident and carrying an engaging message. I enjoyed the book launch of my dreams and sold out of books.Catherine Marshall-Smith, Author of American Family
Betsy has a way of making public speaking be less foreign and more fun. She gives you intuitive tools that are memorable and easy, and she makes the process enjoyable as well. In one session, I felt immediately improved and infinitely more poised.Kate Perry, Internationally Bestselling Author
Working with Betsy gave me the tools and the self-confidence I needed for a successful book launch. Even though I’m an introvert, I was able to relax, present well, and most important, have fun in a crowd of people. Betsy made a big difference in an important part of my life—and I’m recommending her to everyone I know.Laurie McAndish King, Author, Lost, Kidnapped, Eaten Alive! True stories from a curious traveler
Betsy practices what she teaches.  In less than an hour at our Barrett-Koehler Authors’ Conference, she taught me that every time I talk about my book, I’m already public speaking.  She taught that pausing can be a power skill that adds calm and credibility to every talk.  Less may be more, and I left wanting more lessons from Betsy.Andrea Goeglein, PhD

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